Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PiMC: Episode 323 - The Most Delicate Of All STDs

I'm showing Babaloo how to upload podcasts to his feed.  Everyone say hi to Babaloo!

The gang is all back and talking about 10 year old gossip, a follow up to movie night, Rodan's hot...(no, sweaty), and general stuff and nonsense!  Plus....musical porn!


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PiMC: Episode 322 - I Smell Like Man

We are back for the new year!  Thank you to Brian from the Game Night Guys and Babaloo of That's So Babaloo for their technical help tonight with editing issues!  Topics include Sheila E., holiday updates, movie nights, Taylor's new job and Rodan's stank.  All this and Gloria Loring!


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

PiMC: Episode 321 - These Quesadillas Are An Emergency

We're back from Thanksgiving!  We talk about stuff and nonsense for the better part of an hour.  Don't blame us - you downloaded it!


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pod Is My Copilot Presents: That's So Babaloo: Episode 1 - The (co)Pilot Episode

Because every "Happy Days" needs a "Joanie Loves Chachi," Babaloo finally makes good on his threat of creating his own podcast - and you get the first taste of it here on PiMC! Join Babaloo as he tells his goals for the show and a silly little story about his life in Miami!  Thank you to Babaloo for allowing us to share his story with our listeners, and look for That's So Babaloo to get it's own podcast feed/blog/phonenumber/etc. soon!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, Number Legal To Drink - Updates

1.) I got rid of a bunch of the porn sites I follow on Tumblr, and I'm amazed how much more I like it (I started by saying TONS of the porn sites, but it was really like, 3 - TONS sounds like I can't walk past my computer without ripping my underwear off and grabbing whatever oil based product I have within my reach.  It really was just a couple of sites, I swear.  There are still some annoying aspects to it (the pokemon thing?  No, gurl.  No.) but I can ignore them a little more easily when I'm not distracted by the uncut cock of a Corbin Fisher model hitting me in the face.

2.) Speaking of uncut, we received a couple of letters about foreskin after our discussion about it, and the fine folks over at Foul Monkeys even devoted some of a recent episode to us.  We started to bring it up on another episode, but, surprisingly, we were distracted.  At this point, I think it's safe to say that we definitely made some people laugh, but we also hurt a couple of feelings, and to anyone who we may have offended, we are truly sorry.  It's a foreign concept to us (despite FMs wondering how Rodan and I could have lived in Florida so long and not had more experience with them.) and we make fun of things we don't understand.  But we have been schooled on it now, and this will be our final word on it (for the foreseeable future, at least).  Thanks to those of you who wrote in with your stories/education/opinions.  We valued every word you guys wrote.

3.) Lego Batman 3?  Slightly better, the campaign is surprisingly short, and now I am trying to get all the extra stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised at some of the characters you can get, but I'm also frustrated with just how much you have to back track and go around to various planets to pick up stuff.  Especially when those planets are "Super Mario World" style and it's easy to get lost.  Again, if this is the worst problem I have......

4.) Still sick.  It sucks, especially when I didn't get to go to my patient's funeral today.  More on that later.  I will be living it up momentarily when I do a shot of NyQuil and call it a day.

5.) What do we think of this year's Thanksgiving Mix Tape?  I will be posting what my OTHER songs were from my other list, but one 90s song that almost made it was this one.  I was apparently an angry youth in 1992.

6.)Actually, NyQuil sounds really good right now! Night, sluts!

PiMC: Episode 320 - Pass The Gravy! The 2014 Thanksgiving Mix Tape

AKA Let's Torture Taylor

PS, there is some slight overmodulation in some of the songs - trying to fix it was not an option.  Lowering the volume seems to help :)

Happy (US) Thanksgiving everyone!  Be safe!


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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day Number 20 - Missed Opportunities

So, I just wrote a long post and self esteem and self worth, and it got a little too woe is me, a little too personal, so I deleted it.  So I'll just ask you all who read this: What is your drive for taking care of yourselves?  What helps you to feel as though you are worth your own time and energy?  I need to make some changes in my life, and any help you all could provide would be wonderful.  Thanks!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, # 19 - Cough Cough Sniff

So I stayed home today from work due to sickness.  It's something that I rarely do, but I woke up with a feeling of gas shard in my throat and my head felt thick and airy all at the same time.  I called the office, spoke with my supervisor, and went back to bed, waking at 1pm.  Feeling slightly better, I got up, farted around on the computer briefly, then proceeded to play Lego Batman 3 for hours!  I actually beat the main campaign of the game (seemed AWFULLY short) and now I am going through and getting the extra characters and what not to try and complete 100% of the game.

Being off today reminded me of some other sick days I've taken in the past.

Flu shot - late 90's - I had a flu shot for work because it seemed the right thing to do - I was a case manager for an AIDS service organization and did not want to get any of my clients sick.  As a result, I got the flu - I may have been the sickest I have ever been, losing 2+ weeks of work.  It was horrible. I think I may have been living with Rodan at the time, and I remember him coming in to check on me when he got done with work after 2 in the morning and we would talk for a while before he would head back to his room to go to sleep.  Clearly, this was something one can only do in their 20s, when you don't need to sleep like you do now.  If, in my 40s, Rodan came in my room at 1:30 in the morning, I would kill him.  But not before asking how the hell he got in my house.

Chicken Pox - 1982(ish).  I remember hearing about this chicken pox thing going around when I was a kid and thinking it had something to do with soup.  I also know NOW that my mother gathered a group of the neighborhood kids to come to our house once the outbreak started, assuming that all of us would give it to each other.  I was one of the first to contract it.  My mom had said that she could see the little bumps starting one night before bedtime, and I woke up the next morning to my mother saying "WHOA!" when I came to her room.  I remember looking in the mirror and being COVERED with bumps and scabs.  not picking them was hard, but it was easy to distract myself with comic books and game shows I couldn't normally watch during the day (NoWhammiesNoWhammiesNoWhammiesSTOP!).  I remember that on the day that I was finally safe to be outside, my mother took me grocery shopping with her, and that was the first day I ever got to play Pac Man at the Thriftway.  And so, a love's boy of video games begun.....

Side note on the pox story - I only have one scar from chicken pox and it's on my forehead.  My sister  only has one scar and it's ALSO on her forehead in about the same place.

What were some of your favorite sick days stories?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ok, So blog A Day Número 18 - I'm writing to you from my deathbed.

Fucking Flu shot.

That is all.

(Oh, did I mention I'm on call tonight?)

But on a more positive note, Lego Batman 3 is getting better.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day 17 - No Blog Tonight

My favorite patient died today.  I worked with her for almost 3 years.  She was an amazing woman who was loved by her family and the team that cared for her.  I was able to sit with her family after the death and share stories and laugh and pray with them.  It was a beautiful death.

I may talk about this patient in a future post, but I am too emotionally exhausted to say a whole lot tonight.  All I want to do is go to sleep, but Babaloo is making meatloaf, comfort food at its best.  I may also finish editing the Thanksgiving Mix Tape tonight.  It will be released this week for those of you would like to listen to it for your travels to family and friends this weekend.

I feel honored to have been part of this wonderful woman's life.  I was at a funeral yesterday, and the chaplain (a coworker) presiding over the funeral said this, and it's stuck with me for the last day:

"A well lived life does not end tragically, but completely."

Live a well lived life, people.  It's good advice for all of us, myself included.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, Number 16 - A Review: Batman Lego 3 (the first few chapters)

I have been very vocal in my love of the Lego games for the PS3 - The first two Batman games, as well as Marvel Super Heroes were fun, yet challenging, with lots of extra easter eggs for comic fans like myself.  The last Batman, in particular, had a pretty good size cast of extra characters you could earn and a replay-ability that made it SO much fun to go back and earn items to help you get around Gotham, earn extra points, move faster, etc.  So, when they announced last year there would be a THIRD Lego Batman game, well, you could see where I would be SUPER stoked!

The game came out on Tuesday, and I got it at Best Buy the day it came out - a rarity for me.  I got home, put it in and began to feel what I can only describe as a disappointment.  The game has it moments, don't get me wrong.  I was also SUPER excited (see what I did there?) to see that there would be 150 playable characters you could earn, some of them kind of obscure (BatCow, anyone?).  The problem with the game is that you start off pretty much trapped in the BatCave for the first few chapters with only Alfred as a character you can jump to.  Eventually, they show a few other members of the Justice League, but getting to PLAY as those characters take a while, and when you DO get to play with them, it feels like there is little to no variety in what they can do, or Batman and Robin obtain special suits within those first few missions that allow them to do just about all of the same things your variables would do.

And THAT'S if you can figure the fucking thing out.  At times, you have to enter this weird "TRON" world as Robin, and the puzzles that first night were so frustrating, I turned the game off because 1.) It was in the best interest of my controller and flat screen, and 2.) Because I was playing it for the first time as everyone else, there was no sense looking online to see what I was doing wrong.  Two days later I found my answer.  The problem is, playing today for a while, it felt like all I was doing was going to YouTube to find answers on how to solve these puzzles.  With Batman and Robin, you have to earn the variable suits needed to complete puzzles.  But if you have Lex Luthor or the Joker - guess what?  You have those suits already, but no one TELLS you that.  I found out by accident after wandering around a mission for 15 minutes and smashing everything in sight.

The voice acting in this so far is disappointing as well - Based on Will Arnett's portrayal of Batman in The Lego Movie, it feels like they have reduced this character to the same asshole that he played in that film.  In Lego Batman 2, there was a level of arrogance, but in this one he's just a jerk.  And Wonder Woman, my favorite character, is very husky voiced and sounds angry all the time (and that's BEFORE she's hit with the Red Lantern beam).

I, of course, will keep playing it.  Babaloo reminded me today (in between my cursing and screaming at the TV), that I get frustrated with all the Lego Games, then I end up loving them.  This one feels different though - it feels like they are giving us tons of toys in the sandbox and none at all at the same time.

Hearing the Wonder Woman theme play when she flies is kind of cool, though - not going to lie.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ok, So When I Showed This To Babaloo, He Kept Saying....

"How much cocaine do you think was snorted the day they filmed that?"

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, TINA TURNER, TONI TENEILLE, PEACHES & KAREN CARPENTER - Heartache Tonight from Videodrome Discothèque on Vimeo.

Ok, So Blog A Day Number Halfway There - The To Do List

Ever feel overwhelmed?  I do, all the time.

Worst part is, most of it is stuff that I can do in probably 5 minutes each.  We are living in a world where most everything is at the touch of a button, and yet, I can't bring myself to go to my credit card's home page to make a payment because of MyVegasSlots (149k today, btw) or because I want to lay in bed and read comic books.  The idea of leaving the house on weekends is less and less appealing to me because of all the driving I do for work. (My territory has doubled in size, as has my caseload).  I feel overwhelmed by piles of things - I HATE piles.  Piles of laundry, piles of paperwork, piles of dishes, piles of magazines, piles of piles.  There are times that I literally walk in circles in my house trying to figure out what I need to work on next, but will be distracted by the next pile of stuff.  We've talked in the past about my anxiety and how I can quickly feel like shutting down, and I am trying not to do that.  It's just that it is easy for me to think about the next 7 weeks of holidays and think to myself, "It's already all planned out.  I can't deviate from obligations."  What has always been my most favorite time of the year almost fills me with.... dread.  That makes me sad to think that.

It is early to think about resolutions/goals/checkpoints for next year, but if there is one thing I would like to work on, it's procrastination.  (and no, I'm not going to wait until next year.)  I have a notebook (given to me last year at Pride48 by the folks at Foul Monkeys) that I use for my To Do list.  I LOVE to do lists, and will often use them as a device for my patients or their caregivers who feel overwhelmed by things.)  To be able to write things down and then feel the satisfaction of crossing them off a list of accomplishments is a small but important exercise in empowerment.  In fact, and I know I'm not the only one who does this, the worst is when you have accomplished something and THINK it's on your To Do list, only to find that it wasn't.  I would be lying if I said I never added something I'd already done and immediately crossed it off.

I know that my To Do list includes silly things I WANT to do, or enjoy doing, because, hey, we need to remember that stuff do.  Many podcasts/tv shows to enjoy or video game goals are on there, because it's a reminder to stop and enjoy the small stuff.  (Again, 150k for MyVegasSlots).  I also make things a bit creative on my To Do list.  I love to try to make patterns out of the colors I highlight completed actions, so they are alternating or, after getting some highlighters during Back To School season, rainbowed on my page.  After all items are completed on both sides of the paper, I get to rip it out of the book.  I know that it probably seems a bit crazy, but if it keeps me motivated, then I'll take any help I can get.

I also want to work on being a person I would want to hang out with. I want to feel as though I'm not living in a rut, driving around all day, coming home, exhausted, watching Hulu, going into the office and wasting time on the computer until bedtime. I want to have a feeling of satisfaction not only with work, but also with my evenings as well.  Babaloo and I went through a phase where we cooked together a while back, trying new recipes, and honestly, I got lazy and let him take over. I would like to be more active.  I just need to kick myself in the ass.  I know that there have been studies with social media saying they do more harm than good as far as self esteem.  Facebook and the like force us to look at our own lives compared to others who may be "living" more interesting lives, going to concerts, parties, vacations.  But, like us, they are only showing the more interesting parts, and are feeling the same way about OUR posts as well.  While it would be nice to be able to show off me making chimichurri sauce, I need to want to do this for me, not for other people to give me likes on my Facebook page.

This post is kind of all over the place, but that's ok.  I'm using today's Blog A Day to clear my head a little bit, take a breath.  And yes, I will be crossing this my To Do list for the day (in Pink).

Friday, November 14, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, Numbah 14 - Let's Talk Apps

So, after yesterday's rant about all things Tumblr, I thought some positivity was in order, so I thought that it might be fun to list my top 5 apps I enjoy on my iOS devices.  I use most of the apps I have on my iPhone or iPad, but there are some that are used/enjoyed more than others.

1.) Instagram: (PiMCTaylor)  Instagram was one of the first apps I got after getting my phone, and while I don't post as much as I used to, I am still on there lurking and liking your photos.  I would say that what I like most about it is the happy pictures that people post.  Pretty places, pretty families, pretty dogs!  I would have some pet peeves (memes belong on Tumblr), but even if I don't know you or the people you are in a picture with, your pictures usually make me smile (on the inside).  And, as I said in a video a while back, I will ALWAYS like pictures of your animals. (free)

2.) ComicZeal: It's used once a week (Wednesdays) when all my digital comics get poured into it.  The interface is clean, I can pinch and zoom pictures and there are ways to store your comics in "longboxes" after you're done so that you can read them later.  There are some free golden age comics you can download that , while cheesy as hell, can be a fun free read on a random Saturday afternoon. Android's Comixology would have been on here, but after they changed their policy for iOS devices, making it a royal pain in the ass to buy new content, it's rare that app gets opened anymore.  Shame, too.  (4.99)

3.) MyVegasSlots: As someone who goes to Pride48 in Vegas every year, I heeded the recommendations of the suits and skirts and started playing this slot game to earn points towards REAL rewards, like food and entertainment.  The games are mostly chance, and, like real slots, the more you play, the more you win, but I also find that there are times during the day that just aimlessly hitting that "spin" button to be quite relaxing.  As I said yesterday, I am quickly going to complete my goal for next year's stash of points (150k) and am positive that after I take a break from it, I'll be playing again as it gets closer to next year's event! (free)

4.) PocketCasts - I have to give thanks to Curtis from Game Night Guys for this recommendation.  I HATED the Podcast app for iOS and was thankful that my old iPod was too out of date for the update, so I was able to listen to all my podcasts in the music app.  After my iPod disappeared, I quickly learned that if the app was anywhere near my wifi it would update all my other devices, including my computer, but episodes would disappear and reappear for no reason.  I only have PocketCasts on my new iPod, and it's got a GREAT interface and will upload new episodes automatically when near wifi and delete shows when I've finished with them!  Considering I am home every night, it's nice to not have to forget to sync my iPod with iTunes and not have new content to listen to driving around all day.  Plus adding and finding new shows is easy enough! (3.99)

Honorable Mention: uh, cough cough (1.99)

5.) Rotodoodle: Ah, toys of the 70s.  One of my favorite was Spriograph, and this app allows for the same geometric patterns and colors.  While the interface is a little more mathematical than I would like (unlike this page that was brought to my attention by Sara Davis), it is still very self soothing and can be relaxing after a very busy day.  Pretty pretty colors....... (Free version and a Pro version for 1.99.  I use the free version.)

What are YOUR favorite go to apps?